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Starwars vs Chick Flicks

What do you talk about when you meet a girl you haven’t seen in 10 years?

Right, you talk about why Starwars is so darn cool and why chick flicks make you puke. Princess Diaries… Gawd… my knees are weak, someone bring in a doc. Everyone seriously would have to have an apple a day cos den everyone would need a doctor to save them from the pink bimbo kapaladong that will invade their brain. Save them someone!

Nehneh, who say I don’t have theories. You think Jeannie’s theory about bus coming late on Sunday damn cool? Boo larh. Zaeck says F = ma, E=mc²… hehe. beat that. LoL. Okae. Basically, Zaeck has a theory that says that a girl’s world more often than not revolves around herself. At least that is what many of them sub conciously think. Argument? Not gonna state any. I expect to be heavily flamed by all reading my blog soon.

I can’t believe my I can’t eat more than a girl… I’ll trash you next time…


May 15, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. haha! doodie, mm, better watch it you don’t put on more pounds beating me at eating!

    hmm, ms sg universe finalist? hot meh? hahaha.. it’s kinda a “chick flick” thang.. oh wells.. part of the experience and exposure. can’t complain much ’bout it…

    hmm, chick flicks rule! guys watch’em too. you need more practice that’s all. i will help u. just join the club. hahha… “no” is not an option… it’s part of the catchin up… hee!

    long 12 yrs…and my theory about sunday still stands! hahaha i will show u! and hmm, primary sch friends and memories rules… next bet up: LAWRY’S Prime Ribs ok! hahaha… i’ll try to get in another runner for the gamble!


    Comment by jea | May 15, 2005 | Reply

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