Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Night out

I have no idea why I spent the 12 bucks on the cab fare. It was the start of a most abnormal time of the week. Supposed to go the the NBS bash after Joshua called. Was already 11.30pm. Stupidly I said okae, I’ll go. A big mistake apparently. Couldn’t get entry till 1.30am and by then my group of friends there were already gonna leave. Got a drink, went to the dance floor, walked through it and left soon after. Played DOTA till the early whims of the morning sun started shining on our ass at a Lan Shop at Meridien. A truly 24hr gaming shop huh?

Bad mistake of falling asleep when I got home as well. Was supposed to go shopping with my SHB and dudes of Bravo3 but unfortunately I was unconcious. Not like I had the money already but maybe I could’ve gone to see. Well, woke up at 7pm for dinner. They say the iPod’s battery life is a good 12hr, I found it to be nearly a full 18hr. They say good sleep is a good 8hr, I had almost 12hr. I guess many things do come with an extra 50%.

I have been a disappointment I guess. I don’t live up to expectations. Maybe this is a big part of me I gotta change. Procrastination doesn’t feed you.


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