Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Manhunt SG and Ms SG Universe

Am I lucky or am I lucky. I know a Manhunt SG finalist and I know a Ms SG Universe finalist. May not be that close to the Ms SG Universe finalist now cause she was after all my primary 1 and 2 classmate. I know HOT people. Hah. Beat that. Well, I guess you could beat that by being a HOT person yourself, but know this if nothing else, I know HOT people.

Anyway, this is a shallow world. Good looking people have better chances everywhere. And this good-look-pays phenomenon isn’t going to change any time soon. It is something called presentability. That is what makes looks a drawing factor even for workplaces. Anyway, I have to admit I’m one shallow fellow. But if you want me to act deep I guess I can play along. =)

Still playing with my iPod. Ripping tons of CDs to my iPod. MuSiC Rawkz the world.

In the upcoming Starwars fashion : iPod leads to MusiC, MusiC leads to LoVe and LoVe leads to the Dark Side.

Soak it up dudes. And prepare for some lightsaber actions next week.


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