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iPod, do uPod?

I do not like to flame. I’m not a badass freakonana. But when I bought my iPod yesterday, overjoyed I was, disgusted was I even more. And you is the force within strong. I should stop talking like Yoda. Anyway, I discovered how er xin(disgusting) the sales scene for all the electronic gadgetries is. Can’t say that they are cheaters but they play real cheap.

We asked for the price and were really happy to hear a price quoted at $468. Good deal and a real snatch-away. So after a tad bit more consideration, we decided to go ahead and get it. We took out our debit cards and suddenly, more words were spouted from the salesman’s mouth. “yada yada yada”. “what?”. “yada yada yada!”. “cannot be right. the price we ask for muz be the overall price what.”. “yada yada yada.”. Guess what happened.

The $468 price is a before GST price and paying by debit or credit card means extra fee due too and would amount to over $500. I was abhored to hear the inconsistency being spewed from his mouth. It felt like I’ve just been spat on my face. An insult! Maybe the sales guy should have taken a closer look. We’re no money over-loaded expat who can just dish out the extra 30 bucks even if you’ve managed to get us tricked into the deal. This certainly isn’t the way to do business.

Sadly, we went all over SimLim. The same thing occurs, prices quoted are before GST. No price was actually better than the $468. Isn’t it understood in Singapore that things are charged at prices after GST? Maybe people at SimLim don’t go to NTUC that much huh? Or is it that NTUC is really FAIRPRICE?

At the end of it, I’m still happy with my iPod. =) Sweet stuff.


May 11, 2005 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. sweet la iPod…welcome to the club man!!!
    Anyways actually wanna buy shld go online and buy. Got some student offer one. Tt’s the real deal there.
    Simlim…forever cheat pple money one. Unless u lan lan wanna buy computer stuff. Anything else go elsewhere

    Comment by Chang | May 12, 2005 | Reply

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