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Nianrae goes 31

You remember me saying my character’s level 17 in World of Warcraft? Well, guess what. Absolutely right. He is now level 31. Right there smack in the middle. For your info, the maximum level is 60. 1 whole month just for what, 14 levels? The heck. This is slow. I thought I’ve put in really quite a whole lot of time into this already and I’m paying 25bucks per month. Heck. High upkeep thingy. But I’ve been having alot of fun playing the game. Hah.

You know the fantasy story kind of adventure thing? The one where you have a band of heroes adventuring out in the harsh world against goblins and orcs and the foul weather finally overcoming the “dark lord” whom they found out to be just a little hobit who turns invisible after he wears a tyre around his waist. Oh, don’t tell me I got it wrong. Well as long as you got the gist of it.

And yeah, after all that nonsense. I really like adventuring in that sense. And this game allows you to adventure with a group of friends! Online! Virtually! What else do you want me to exclaim! Alright alright. I’m fascinated and I’m having a lot of fun. All those of you ignorant and unappreciative people out there, go get a copy of Game of the Year 2004 and you’ll find out what I’m saying.


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