Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

Designing a Casino

Still desperately looking for tools to help me revamp this site… Spent like quite some time of the morning already and I haven’t gotten my lunch and I haven’t gone for my run. Bah. Call me a procrastinator. I admit I am.

Well, anyway, since everyone is talking about casinoes, I can’t be left out can I? It is gaming too. A dangerous game so to speak. I’ve heard numerous times on 95.8FM people complaining about the up and coming 2 oh-so-mighty casinoes that will wreak lives and cause catastrophy to the Singapore oh-so-lovely community. Look people, I understand you’re trying to look mature but you don’t have to go to the extent of voicing out this kind of comments on the radio and sound stupid. You won’t believe how many of the people listening to the radio broadcast at that time think that you probably haven’t thought through what you wanted to say. Shows how much faith we have for the government anyway.

We should leave our comments to ourselves for now. Who knows what will hold in the future? Maybe everyone would be having a whack-ass time of family fun at the resorts? We won’t know till the plan is executed right? We can think about all the problems that will crop up and we can lose out on a wonderful opportunity for the community to have fun and for the nation to gain from the net plus from tourism. Look, tourism to our country is good. It is good for the nation, good for you good for me because it means more money for you to spend and feed your kids while it means more money for my parents to feed me and probably more money for me to buy an Ipod for myself.


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