Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.


Who else is more qualified to talk about gaming? Well, I bet ya I can. What’s the good and what’s the bad.

Gaming is what I do. For a living? No. But it takes up pretty much most of my free time. Why? Cos I like doing it. Though it really takes you away from the world you live in and put you in a virtual one. What is it that makes people like to play games so much?

Why do you like to read a novel? What is in a novel that makes it interesting? Characters in the books have problems that they solve and people like to read about how they overcome all the monsters or baddies or problems they face. That is what draws people into the story and spend hours upon hours just flipping the pages maybe taking a few moments off to take a sip of coffee from time to time.

It is exactly the same case in video games. They present you with a set of problems that you have to solve and you will spend hours upon hours trying to get to the end of it. Games do test various aspect of the human mind. Namely your reflex, logical thinking, creativity. Well, maybe others which I will not be able to say cause it’d probably be in some scientific term which sounds more like nonsense to me.

Movies we watch nowadays have more wham bam effects than actual content. Whichever way, they will still succeed in drawing audiences. Games however require real content to keep people playing. There must be interesting things for people to do, like stealing cars on the road and start robbing banks or trying to survive in a world that recently had a nuclear fallout. There must be a certain depth in the games for it to be interesting. Plain looks and action won’t do. For examples of games with real depth, check out Baldur’s Gate and its sequel. It’s an RPG with so many things you can do and so many ways you can play it and so many ways the world changes to your actions it really brings you into the game.

Too tired to continue. Doh. Talk again next post!


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