Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.


Truthfully, I have no idea what timeless can be attributed to. But in my context, it means there’s not enough time. I wanted to update the blog yesterday but what happened? My XBOX came back from being soft modded and now I can play loads of games, watch dvds on it and store pictures etc on my dear XBOX. Spent some time on it, and of course on World of Warcraft. LvL 27 now. Lagging by 2 levels behind my friends. Darn. Do more quests!

Yes, as you can see, not enough time is always an excuse. When we say we have not enough time to finish something, it’s bullshit, it’s absurd. Don’t ever use that excuse! People will laugh at you. It is always about time management and prioritising. Doh. I obviously haven’t been doing well in this area.


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