Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.


Nah. Not that many. Just one. The Commissioning Ball. Woo! 9th April 2005 Saturday, Swissotel Level 4. Gonna update this place with photos soon… When I get home. Whenever that is. Anyway, thanks Sherry, it was super duper fun even though I ended up looking like a zombie cos I was being beckoned by the Sandman. Sandman loves me! He wants to induce many many many funny dreams into my head. Maybe its because I’m Pisces. The dreamers.

Anyway, regarding balls. Liverpool lost 1 – 0 to Manchester City. Not very glorious, won’t put up another Post specially for it. Sad. We’re now 4 points away from the Champions League spot. Will it get it?!?!? ORGH!!! GIMME! (like our OCS SSM loves to say)


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