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Monday Blues

First day of officership. I slept at 1+/2 am last night. Darn, the bad thing about not having any more lights out timing are beginning to surface. Number of salutes I have received can be counted with the fingers on one hand or maybe less. Hah. They call it the newbie syndrome?

Why have I not written about the parade? About how much I miss my platoon mates? About all the joys and all the tough times we went through together, the brotherhood we share? How could I possibly write something about all these in a page? It would probably fill a whole book. Moments will be kept as memories, sweet or otherwise. All will be remembered. But alarmingly, I never shed a tear during the parade. Because I was focused on the parade? Because I was in another contingent than my platoon? When I look at my platoon mates, memories flow back and There is always a sour pinch at the bottom of your heart that says that those days are gone, you have to move on.

Bravo Platoon 3 of BEG Cohort 56/04. You guys rock. Not forgetting that I am from there, thus I rock as well! Keep in touch. Not WeiLoong’s kind of *touch* ah.


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