Dangerous Games

Everyday’s but just a game. Just play along.

The Game

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Beauty Queen came over to me one day and asked, “How about a round of dangerous games?”
Stumped, I replied, “Will I risk my life or money or worse, both?”
“Which do you value more?”
“I value beauty over all things in life!” was my answer.
“Then a round we shall play,” she said as her icy breath stung my rapidly drying eyes, “or maybe more.”
“Will I die?” – I didn’t want to die.
“Who won’t eventually?” – She was right.
I stubbornly refused, “But you speak as though death was by roll of a die!”
“And that is the beauty of life. Therefore we will find beauty in life.”

I began moving my piece on the board. So began the game. I was entranced. Life is beautiful.


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