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Nianrae goes 17

Of course I have to talk about World of Warcraft. It is my current hobby and I do foresee myself spending huge amounts of time on it. Apaarently, I would have to learn to control my play time as well so that my social life and other activities are not hurt by it. Though I definitely find my savings rising due to the fact that I spend more time at home than out!
Certainly, I find myself hooked on the game. What is it in the game that has made it Game of the Year at Gamespot last year?

World of Warcraft
  1. The content in the game is GRAND!
  2. It actually feels like you’re adventuring with your friends.
  3. There is a certain depth to the game, such that it isn’t just moving around and killing creeps.
  4. The score is somewhat majestic, typical of Blizzard games though.
  5. I have fun playing it.
So there, I’ve been playing for 2 weeks now. And my character, Nianrae, is now a level 17 Night Elf Rogue. Adventures with my friends ShiningBlade, LoneBlade and Shandelloc have been the most fun till now. We were able to kill creeps at a very fast rate, raking up loads of experience and we were able to kill elite monsters with ease. Going through quests have never been more fun.

When I next book out, I would have been commissioned and gaming would no longer be a problem. Maybe that would bring it to a next level. And till then, Parade Rehearsals would be my life.


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